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    Driving wheel and driven wheel of belt conveyor

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    Driving wheel and driven wheel of belt conveyor

    2020-10-14 11:00:56

    The driving wheel directly receives the torque transmitted by the motor transmission system (motor + reduction box + transmission belt, chain, timing belt, etc.) to drive the roller of the conveyor belt. The driving wheel relies on the friction force generated by contact with the inner side of the conveyor belt to drive the belt. The axle of the driving wheel and the hub are generally fixed (key connection or directly made into a part), and this axle is connected with the output shaft of the motor drive system (key connection, keyless connection or direct use of the coupling). Shaft, etc.).

    The driven wheel does not directly drive the power, but only plays the role of structural support and changing the direction of the belt. It moves with the belt, so it is also called the follower wheel and the reversing wheel.


    From the structural point of view of the belt conveyor manufacturer, the driven wheel can be made into a way that the shaft does not move (connected to the bracket), the hub and the shaft are connected by a bearing, and the shaft and the hub can rotate freely; it can also be made into a shaft It is connected to the hub as a whole, and the shaft and the bracket are connected by a bearing. This structure is similar to the driving wheel (in this way, the shaft of the driven wheel is shorter, thinner and simpler than the shaft of the driving wheel, because it is only a rotating shaft , Not the drive shaft). Among them, the former method is more conducive to reducing the moment of inertia of the entire system, and is suitable for use in larger and more complex occasions. The latter method, because it has almost the same structure as the driving wheel, has the advantages of simple design and manufacture. For the belt line in the automation equipment of the electronics industry, because the belt is thin and the weight of the workpiece is also small, the moment of inertia is generally not a problem, so It can also be used.

    One way of driven wheel:

    1, bracket; 2, driven wheel shaft; 3, bearing; 4, driven wheel; 5, belt;

    Two ways of driven wheel:

    1. Bracket; 2. Bearing; 3. Driven wheel; 4. Belt; 5, Driven wheel shaft;

    Among them, the driven wheel shaft and the driven wheel are fixed by a set screw or directly welded.

    Easy installation method of driving wheel:

    1. Bracket; 2. Bearing; 3. Drive wheel shaft; 4. Drive wheel; 5. Belt; 6. Motor reducer shaft;




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