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    Reasons and solutions for the noise of belt conveyors

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    Reasons and solutions for the noise of belt conveyors

    2022-07-21 10:40:13

    The belt conveyor has the advantages of strong transportation capacity and long transportation distance. It is a more popular transportation equipment now. Moreover, the belt conveyor adopts frequency conversion adjustment control, so the noise is generally not large, but sometimes there is a lot of noise. , so we need to judge the noise source of the belt conveyor according to the following reasons.

    The noise of the belt conveyor may also come from various transportation accessories. It is necessary to carefully check each bearing of the transportation equipment. Through a series of inspections such as listening, touching, and temperature measurement, no abnormal noise or damage to the bearing is found, and it is transported in a separate manner with the magnetic force. Compared with the sound of the working bearing of the machine, the possibility of noise caused by bearing damage is excluded. There are also different conveyor belts used in the magnetic belt conveyor and the general belt conveyor, and there is no major difference in other structures. By comparing the bottom surface structure of the two conveyor belts, it is found that the belts used by Xingyong Machinery belt conveyors generally have rough bottom grids and larger grids; the belts used by magnetic belt conveyors have fine bottom grids and smooth outer surfaces. , so it is determined that the noise originates from the bottom surface of the conveyor belt.


    Through analysis, it can be considered that when the conveyor belt passes through the idler, the conveyor belt and the idler are kneaded to squeeze out the air in the mesh on the bottom surface of the conveyor belt. The higher the belt speed, the time it takes for the air to be discharged from the conveyor belt mesh The shorter the time, the larger the grid of the conveyor belt, and the more gas is discharged per unit time. This process is similar to squeezing an inflated balloon. When the balloon bursts, the gas is quickly discharged and there will be an explosion sound. Therefore, the conveyor belt with the coarse mesh on the bottom will make more noise on the conveyor working at high speed.

    Replacing the conveyor belt with the same tensile strength and fine mesh on the bottom can solve the problem, but the cost is high and needs to be reordered. Due to the tight construction period, it was decided to change the structure of the rollers and hang glue on all the rollers to compensate the elastic deformation of the rubber and reduce the volume of the mesh cavity on the bottom surface, extending the time when the conveyor belt and the rollers knead the air out. Reinstall the hanging roller to work, measure the noise with a sound level meter in the same direction and find that the sound pressure value is significantly reduced. In the planning and selection of high-speed conveyors, not only the operating conditions, tensile strength, etc., but also the bottom surface structure of the conveyor belt should be considered. The design of the bottom surface of the tape determines the noise resistance, wear resistance and adaptability of the support plate or support shaft. High-speed belt conveyors should choose conveyor belts with fine mesh on the bottom.

    The above are the reasons and solutions for the noise of the belt conveyor.




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