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Conveyor manufacturer


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  • Reliable quality
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    Address: No. 78, Hongfa West Road, Huangpu Town,

                    Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province China




    Professional supplier of automatic conveying equipment and packaging system


    Improving efficiency is our eternal motive force and goal

    With the rapid development of the packaging industry at home and abroad and the continuous improvement of the degree of automation, the entire market has also put forward new requirements for packaging machinery auxiliary equipment, high-speed and high-efficiency, durable, long-term stable work, hygienic level and humanized design will become

    For the new trend; the conveying equipment developed and produced by Zhongshan Xingyong Machinery Co., Ltd. closely follows the market demand, combined with the new market trend and many years of technical experience, and is committed to serving domestic and foreign agents and large, medium and small manufacturers.

    Save money, effort and worry; tailor-made according to the actual transportation needs of customers, special customized conveyor equipment production line; provide low-cost and high-efficiency labor-saving and even unmanned production and automated production solutions.

    • 2006
      Company creation
    • 30
      Automatic processing equipment
    • 20
      Product Sold to Countries
    • 2000
      Serve many customers

    Professional turnkey solution

    Equipment production line tailored according to customer needs

    Provides a cost-effective and labor-saving production program.

    Committed to actually starting for agents and large, medium and
    small manufacturers

    Strong technical strength

    Factory direct sales, saving 10 to 15% of the cost

    Have a well-trained technical team and a set of modern one-stop
    automated production line processing equipment

    Customized products shipped quickly within 7 days



    Senior production team

    Ensure high-speed and high-efficiency products, long-term stable,

    Product safety CE certification, sold all over the country,

    To ensure that the quality can be controlled throughout the process
    and to respond quickly to the special needs of customers and strive
    for 100% customer satisfaction

    Set up after sale service center

    24-hour quick response mechanism for customer service calls

    Professional technical guidance team, full after-sales service tracking

    Mature conveyor equipment after-sales team

    Customer based

    Committed to providing more efficient conveying equipment solutions




    Understand the new industry information and grasp the industry trends

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    0086-18925354376 (Mob/Whatsapp/Wechat)


    No. 78, Hongfa West Road, Huangpu Town,

     Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province China


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